• London Paediatrics, Journal of The London School of Paediatrics

    Inaugural Issue - London Paediatrics 2022
    Vol. 1 (2022)

    London Paediatrics is an online journal with a focus on learning about paediatrics. Much excellent work is done that doesn’t fit the standard Intro/Methods/Results/Discussion format found in the majority of other publications, but still is valuable and interesting to those learning about how to treat children. 

    So we look to provide a platform for case reports, QI projects, pilot projects, opinion, video and picture formats reporting findings and innovations of interest to those working in paediatrics and learning how to work in children’s healthcare. 

    The aim of London Paediatrics is also to be readable. Our review process will prioritise academic process and interest to our readership, but also to be concise and clear in its use of language. Editors will assist writers to make their submission accessible and appealing to read.

    Professor J Round, March 2022

  • Summer 2022
    Vol. 2 (2022)

    Welcome to the second edition of London Paediatrics

    In this issue we explores what shapes career in paediatrics. In "How did I become?" Dr. Tom Lissauer and Dr. Camilla Kingdon tell us what worked for them but also what did not work as their careers evolved. In "Paediatrician of our Time" we introduce you to a budding group of paediatricians at medical school and we can watch how their careers unfold in the coming years.

    We also include a number of innovative reports and projects undertaken in Paediatrics.

    The next edition will be released in conjunction with the LSP Conference 2023. 

  • Spring 2023
    Vol. 3 (2023)

    Welcome to the third edition of London Paediatrics

    Published in conjunction with the LSP Conference 2023, this edition welcomes the return of face to face events and projects. In this edition, we showcase amazing work undertaken in Paediatrics in London and across the UK. Despite, the current political health climate, it is delightful to see the motivation and love for paediatrics continuing.

    The next edition will be released in Autumn 2023. 

  • Autumn 2023
    Vol. 4 (2023)

    Welcome to the fourth edition of London Paediatrics. We are delighted with the progress of the journal seeing more and more submissions whilst we have established a more robust and supportive editorial process.

    In this edition we have taken a focus on innovation in paediatrics. Helena Wilcox et al. test Artificial Intelligence  against Paediatricians and Umang Patel, Chief Clinic Information Officer for Microsoft and Paediatrician explores the future of AI in Paediatrics.

    Finally, we hear from 4 brave budding paediatricians one year on from first hearing from them in “Paediatrician of our time.”