The Introduction of Comprehensive Parent Education Sessions and Parent Centred Ward Rounds in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


  • Bikash Bhojnagarwala Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
  • Upama Banerjee Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
  • Devika Thakur Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
  • Mary Rose Ballard Chelsea & Westminster Hospital


family integrated care, parental education, neonatal



Parental education programmes promote knowledge attainment, skill acquisition and increased confidence in care giving tasks, both on the neonatal unit and beyond. Parental involvement in medical ward rounds promotes a collaborative partnership with families, leading to better engagement and shared decision making. This project aims to develop and implement a comprehensive parental education and support programme, combined with parent-centred ward rounds, at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (a surgical tertiary neonatal unit). 


A team of neonatal doctors at our trust implemented this project to enhance the Family Integrated care (FICare) in NICU. We designed a weekly parental teaching programme facilitated by the multidisciplinary team. Parents were given the opportunity to participate during ward rounds. Feedback was gathered from parents before and after commencement of the project.


Eight parents participated in the pre-project questionnaire and twelve after the project. Confidence in key areas was measured using the Likert scoring system. Improvement was seen in many areas post intervention. Examples include ‘when to seek medical help’ improving from an average of 2.6 to 4.3 and, ‘understanding neonatal charts’ improving from 3.6 to 4.8. Qualitative feedback reported parents feeling empowered, engaged, and less anxious.


The implementation of parental education programme and parent supported ward rounds resulted in improved family experience and confidence. Qualitative feedback revealed positive benefits on parental anxiety. We plan to extend this by including parental wellbeing as a part of the family integrated care programme. We believe this programme will lead to increase parental readiness for transition from hospital to home.





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