Longitudinal Educational Supervision

A Pilot at Evelina London Children’s Hospital


  • Deborah Davidson Evelina London Children's Hospital
  • Sharon Roberts Evelina London Childrens' Hospital
  • Siobhan Jaques Evelina London Children's Hospital
  • Martin Laque Evelina London Childrens' Hospital


Longitudinal Supervision, Educational Supervision, Supervision



The RCPCH’s document “Paediatrician of the future: delivering really good training” introduces longitudinal educational supervision; Supervisors will have a persistent role enabling a stronger relationship between supervisor and trainee and allowing a more individualised approach to supervision. The London School of Paediatrics plans to introduce this concept. We undertook a pilot of longitudinal supervision at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital (ELCH)


We identified junior doctors working at ELCH for more than one rotation and offered them opportunity to retain their current supervisor. We conducted a survey at the beginning and end of the pilot period, collecting qualitative and quantitative data. 


  • 14 out of 33 eligible junior doctors opted in
  • The commonest reason given for opting in was a good working relationship with their supervisor
  • The commonest reasons given for opting out included increased meetings and paperwork, and supervisors outside the specialty aligned with personal career ambitions
  • Of the participants who opted in, 7 completed the follow-up survey:
  • 7 had a positive experience
  • 6 would like the RCPCH or LSP to offer longitudinal supervision
  • 2 reported there were too many meetings.
  • 6 reported an overlap between clinical and educational supervisor roles
  • 6 would prefer longitudinal supervision to be offered as opt-in rather than opt-out citing concerns regarding repercussions of not choosing a supervisor


There was a positive response to the pilot. Although limited by small sample size valuable qualitative data was obtained. There is a need for clarity and streamlining the roles of educational and clinical supervisors. 

Author Biographies

Deborah Davidson, Evelina London Children's Hospital

ST3 General Paediatrics 

Sharon Roberts , Evelina London Childrens' Hospital

Consultant General Paediatrican 

College Tutor London School of Paediatrics 


Siobhan Jaques, Evelina London Children's Hospital

Consultant Neonatologist 

College Tutor Londson School of Paediatrics 

Martin Laque , Evelina London Childrens' Hospital

Consultant Paediatrician Paediatrics Accident and Emergency Department 

College Tutor London School of Paediatrics 


Paediatrician of the future: Delivering really good training

Mando Watson, Yvonne Savage, Jenni Thompson

October 2020





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