Editorial Team

Editor - Professor J Round. Jonathan is Head of The London School of Paedatrics, and is both a Paediatric Intensive Care Consultant and Professor of Medical Education at St. George's Hospital / St. George's University, London. Passionate about education and looking at new and different ways to approach learning and education, Jonathan will lead the journal towards being an outlet for a broad range of content presented in a wide variety of formats. 

Editor - Dr T Slater. Tom joined as a founding board of the editorial committee in 2022 from his role as the London School of Paediatrics School Fellow. Tom enjoys seeing articles on innovative change led by junior trainees and learning more about the careers of successful paediatricians. Tom is a Senior Registrar at University College London Hospital. 

Deputy Editor - Dr I Ng. Isabel is a paediatric registrar in South London 

Publisher - Dr NJ Prince. Nick is a Training Programme Director at London School of Paediatrics and also a Paediatric Intensive Care Consultant and Paediatric College Tutor at St. George's Hospital, London. Nick is passionate about all things bringing technology and education together. Experienced in online journal management, Nick is excited to develop this new outlet for the huge breadth of educational and training development work undertaken by the trainees and trainers of London Paediatrics, across the UK and beyond. Nick is a passionate believer in free, open-source education being available to everyone, anywhere in the world.